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Hatch Pop-Up Store!

We were recently lucky enough to call Hatch our home for the last month, a brilliant community of shops, restaurants and bars located on Oxford Road in Manchester. We set ourselves up between a DJ school and a lovely little chocolate shop. Our opening day was lucky enough to be soundtracked by the Ordinary Friends lot, who got comfortable at the back of the shop and laid down some incredibly welcoming music and created exactly the atmosphere you would expect at Hatch.  It was fantastic to see the overwhelming response that Ecologue had as a physical store, which has now allowed us to focus more on this element of our future. Expect to hear some more exciting news very soon...

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Manchester's Finest: Meet the Manchester based eco-warriors on a mission: Ecologue

We're so pleased to have another feature over on Manchester's Finest. This time however they've been lovely enough to shine the spotlight specifically on us and our mission.  We had a great interview with Alex, who wanted to know how we started, how we're getting on and what our plans for the future are.  Check out the full interview at:  

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