Ecoblog: first edition

Tag of the month

Way back in the Summer of 2019, which admittedly feels like a lifetime ago at this point, we started up an ongoing competition of sorts which rewarded those who were enjoying their Ecologue bits and bobs enough to share them with the world

Story tags, social posts, reviews, whatever found its way in front our our eyes, we shared and rewarded our favourite ones. There was a wide range each month, from simple (but effective) desktop photography to panoramic bottle shots in the Norwegian Fjords!

There will be more info to come soon on our Instagram (@Ecologueshop) but be sure to tag us here and there to be in with a chance to win more free good stuff.


Small business highlight

We thought it may be a good idea to use our platform to share with you one of our favourite small, sustainable businesses each month.

Sundays are about having the time and freedom to mould your day into whatever fits your mood and taste - which is exactly what we plan to do here.

Jewellery, keys or a statement to stand alone, our signature Sunday trinkets are crafted using an eco-friendly acrylic material, Jesmonite with the objective of having zero waste. Resulting in sample sales and using the left over jesmonite speckles on new projects

This material allows us to play with colour using a water-based pigment to suit our customers needs tastefully. Our aim is to create a refined palette whilst exploring the way of crafting decorative homeware. This coming month we will be launching two unique products - exciting!

14 years of friendship and a global pandemic later, we finally decided to take this time to play, create and enjoy this little space we call ‘Sunday Creatives’. 

 Faye and Charlotte

Recipe of the month 

As huge foodies, we thought it may be a quite a nice idea to share our fave plant based recipe of the month. As one of our all time faves, we're kicking things off with this amazing Indian pie. It is so simple but tastes unreaaal.

A simple switch

Cutting down on waste points to countless areas of improvement that can make you delirious. Sometimes it's the small changes that can leave you feeling accomplished

Bamboo toothbrushes work, well, the same as any other standard plastic toothbrush? The handle is just as sturdy, the bristles do the same job and they last just as long. What you are left with is a question there isn't much of an answer to: Why bother with a plastic one at all? Bamboo is naturally biodegradable as well as naturally antibacterial. We've often had discussions on markets where people have had concerns about putting bamboo as a material into their mouths, but we assured them as we can assure you that it is thoroughly safe and tested, with nothing to worry about. If its a switch that intrigues you and you're considering a change, shoot us a message on instagram or an email and we can send you out a free trial brush to start you on the switch!