Our Story

Ecologue was formed by Sam Bishop, a Primary School Teacher in Manchester and Melissa Collins, working in operations management at Bupa.

Our mission is to source inexpensive, natural and sustainable alternatives to reduce our everyday waste. We aim to provide a platform of convenience offering uncompromising standards. With 8 million pieces of plastic entering our oceans every single day, causing animals to become entangled or mistaking the plastic for food, we have made it our priority to reduce consumption and the effect on the environment. Although the negative impact of single use items and waste is well documented, we believe more can be done by individuals!
What inspired us?

We have both been lucky enough to do our fair share of travelling, which has exposed us to many polluted beaches, oceans and streets. It is the sad reality that when in restaurants and bars abroad, there is a concerning amount of single-use plastic for example plastic straws, cups and cutlery, which will inevitably end up in oceans and landfills. Unfortunately, in less developed countries recycling isn’t quite as prominent, and disposal processes are a lot more harmful. Seeing the devastating impact of single-use plastic first-hand, has inspired us to encourage others to make small but significant changes!

Sam and Mel x