Ecologue Stainless Steel Bottle 500ml - Matte Finish

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Not only are our stainless steel bottles an eco-friendly alternative to single use plastic bottles, they will keep your drink cold for 24 hours, and warm for 12 hours!

Have cold water-on-the-go, with our leak-proof bottles. The key features of the Ecologue bottles include:

  • 24 hours cold
  • 12 hours hot
  • 500ml
  • Leak proof
  • Sustainable
  • More durable than plastic
  • The lid is made from stainless steel, plastic and silicone o-ring

Just imagine how many plastic bottles you buy before work, the gym or a football game which end up in our oceans or in landfills after sitting in your car for months on end. The money you spend on those bottles plus the environmental impact are far greater than what you will spend on an Ecologue bottle. 

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